10 More Things to Always Buy at the Dollar Tree

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As I was chatting with a friend, I realized that I missed so many awesome things to buy at the Dollar Tree. At the risk of sounding unoriginal, it needed another post. You just have to know, there’s no other way. You can find my original post here.

11. Pregnancy Tests

Hear me out. There’s probably a lot of moms out there that are completely opposed to buying a pregnancy test at the Dollar Tree. I really have a hard time understanding why. If you’re like me, you probably had a hard time accepting the fact that you were pregnant, so you decided to take like a thousand pregnancy tests. If you’re buying the Clearblue or First Response tests, the price can add up pretty quick. In my experience, these work just as good. They’re usually the pink dye kind, which is rumored (could be true, who knows) to be more trustworthy than blue dye pregnancy tests. This also may just be a coincidence, but if you’ve ever asked to actually look at the pregnancy test for urine that your doctor’s office or urgent care uses, they look exactly like the Dollar Tree kind. Just throwing that out there! Unless you’re going to buy a digital test with the clear “yes” or “no” window, why not save $5, $6, $7 or sometimes even $10?


12. Holiday Decor

I’m going to shamelessly admit that 95% of my holiday decor is from Dollar Tree. If you have kids, you know that they have a reputation for breaking things. If you want cute little holiday knickknacks to have on display around the house, and not have to cry when it gets broken, consider a dollar store visit. For your winter holiday, they usually have stockings, figurines, tinsel, short light strings, tablecloths, window clings, etc. For your fall holidays they have pumpkin figurines, lights, place-mats, window clings, little scarecrows on a stick (I’m going to pretend that’s what they’re actually called), door banners, and probably more.

13. Arts and Crafts

This is great. If you suddenly find yourself having to entertain kids, or you want an activity for your child’s birthday party, check it out. They have little fuzzy posters, sun-catchers (they come with paint), paint-it-yourself piggy banks, different types of glue, construction paper, card-stock, fake flowers, and the list goes on. Some locations even carry child-size craft aprons which would also be handy at a messy birthday party, or even in a classroom. Coinciding with number 12 on my list, they have the supplies to make your own holiday decor too. Different shapes and sizes of wreath foundations, and different foam blocks. They do carry the basics as well: Paint, markers, pencils, scissors, etc. Quite the deal if you ask me!

14. Greeting Cards

I am still amazed by how much a greeting card can cost. Why? Why does it cost that much for a “happy birthday” note? Unless you’re feeling fancy and you want a singing birthday card, you might as well just go to a dollar store. Some of them even have a great selection, with a “humor” category and whatnot. Also, this is a great place to buy cards in bulk as well. You can buy a pack of Christmas cards here, or thank you cards, birthday invitations, etc. Don’t mind if I do!

15. Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes can get pretty spendy. Why spend a bajillion dollars on a different toothbrush that literally does the same thing: Scrubs the crap off of your teeth. This is particularly applicable to toothbrushes for the kids. My kids lose toothbrushes constantly! They have character toothbrushes. They even have the starter kits with the baby toothbrush and the toothpaste included. If you don’t need a specialty toothbrush or toothpaste, I would consider letting the Dollar Tree take care of your oral hygiene needs.

16. Emergency Baby Kits

Moms can be pretty scatter-brained. It does pay off to keep some baby supplies in your car, in case you’re having one of those chaos days where you forget a crucial item. You can buy a tote bag at the Dollar Tree too, if you don’t have an extra diaper bag. Depending on the location, The Dollar Tree can sometimes have small packs of diapers. The majority of the locations have basically every other baby necessity. Why not make yourself an emergency baby kit? Fill your bag with wipes, a bottle, a pacifier, a diaper or two, and a sippy cup. You might thank me later. For the older babies, The Dollar Tree often has plain T-Shirts that you can buy. These are nice to keep in the car in case of a spill or some other unfortunate event that happens with children.

17. Storage Solutions

The Dollar Tree is great for finding containers to keep the kids’ stuff organized! From arts and crafts to toys, I’m sure you can find something to organize all the junk that has accumulated over the years. There is a variety of colors, shapes and sizes of plastic bins. Sometimes you can find containers that have compartments for optimal organization. They also have some stuff for organizing closets; collapsible cloth bins, hangers, small laundry baskets, garment bags, etc. BRB, going to the Dollar Tree because my house is in shambles.

18. Cleaning Supplies


So, I sort of touched on this in my previous Dollar Tree blog, but it needs further elaboration. From small bottles of Dawn dish soap, to Pine-Sol, you’ll be sure to find something at a great price. I haven’t personally used their carpet cleaners, but I do hear great things. What I do use is their window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, mopping solutions, sponges, buckets, air fresheners, disinfecting wipes, hand soaps, and even a broom. I did buy a couple of mops there, but they unfortunately fell apart pretty quick. However, my Dollar Tree broom and dust pan are still going strong!

19. School Supplies

This is sort of a hit or miss. Some schools do have specific brand requirements they would like you to buy. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that. Some off-brands simply just aren’t as good. But, I promise you that there are some awesome finds at the Dollar Tree. This applies to your home office or stationary needs too. Also, Dollar Tree is a must for those who have been brave enough to home-school. There are workbooks, little dry erase boards, binders, construction paper, etc. Might as well pay this aisle a visit before heading to Target.

20. Hooks

Sometimes you can buy a single Command hook at the Dollar Tree, which is great, but these work the same way and are just as good. I personally feel like the silver is prettier, too. Probably not the greatest for backpacks or purses, but they work excellent as a key holder or anything light that you can hang up to prevent losing it. I have often seen them used for hair accessories, the dog’s leash or collar, towels, and smaller belts. I was thinking they would also be great for in the kitchen, to use to hang up your potholders and oven-mitts.


Well, there you have it!

What are your favorite Dollar Tree finds? Comment below if you feel like conversing about them.

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Sharing is Caring!

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